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Emotional Freedom Techniques is a branch of Energy Psychology, a technique to improve your life by stimulating the body's energy meridian points with your fingers while mentally focusing on the problem. 


EFT can help you relieve emotional problems such as anxiety, fear, anger, sadness and guilt, as well as negative beliefs, behaviours and physical symptoms.

Our bodies contain a network of meridians (energy channels), mapped by the Chinese over 4,000 years ago. Physical or emotional traumas, thoughts and memories can block the flow of energy, which create negative emotions or physical pain.


EFT removes the symptoms that cause that block of energy and restores the balance in your body.

Reasons to try EFT:

·EFT is non-invasive, safe and gentle, doesn't require taking chemicals to feel the results and it works well with other healing techniques, even medications.

·You don’t have to believe in it for it to work! 

·EFT improves emotional health, personal growth and success.

·EFT is simple enough to use for daily stress relief and powerful enough to resolve and heal long lasting trauma.

·Everyone can use EFT and you can do it everywhere, with or without the help of a certified EFT practitioner!

·EFT helps you to feel happy, improve your job performance, to create more joy and abundance in your life.

Eft individual session (60 min) – can be done in person, or via phone, skype or a video call

Eft group session (several hours/days) – amazing benefits from group energy, resolving several problems/traumas, connect with other people on a deeper level

Personal development

Have you ever wondered if you can have it all – a balance between your work life and personal life? I am here to tell you – YES! YOU CAN!

By creating a personalized programme we can drastically improve the quality of life, achieve goals and feel more confident and happy with ourselves and in our relationships.


EFT individual session

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individual session

EFT group session

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Personal development



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